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With a passion for helping business owners, organizational leaders, and individuals maximize their professional and personal potential, while navigating the stressors of both daily demands and larger scale events, Trevor brings a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge to his coaching clients.  From being in the professional foxholes himself, in multiple industries, in multiple professional leadership capacities, he personally understands and empathizes with the joys, the triumphs, and the challenges of the business owner, the leader, and the individual.

Professionally, Trevor has spent time in financial services, as a trainer, sales and sales management, blue collar service industry and manufacturing.  Trevor started, owned, operated, and scaled many different styles of businesses. Some of the companies he has helped have grown 400% over 8 months of work.


As a Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC), Trevor is committed to helping business owners, leaders and individuals extends to businesses of all types.


In everything he does, Trevor believes in creating.  He helps business owners by guiding and providing expertise with people and systems to create easier work environments and creating more profit.


Making dreams a reality


Yes... This is it.... Peaks and Valleys is Business Coaching by referral only. You are here for one of three reasons... You have met me in person... Someone has referred you.... Or you caught a limited time link.... So you think it would be a crazy idea to see how a Business Coach can? 

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